Art Runs Through Us

 In taking the mood, vibe & feelings from paintings & using them as inspiration, I recreate the feeling in my Design. This season I am going to show you what I mean.  

Welcome to the Ceriti process.



Fine Art Prints.

All we do starts here with an art medium. Creating the mood we will follow and rediscover through fabrics.

Step 1. Create the mood
Step 2.  Art to the Fabric

Sweater Obsession.

 In the past I painted the art directly to fabric for step two. THIS  season I decided to have it printed. Then I designed my personal favourite article of clothing, one of a kind  sweaters. Brides can wear the art that inspired their Gown & all others can add it as a standout piece in their wardrobe.

Step 3.  Art Reinterpreted

Feel it. 

Every emotion has beauty in it, this beauty is found & submerged into the process of designing our Gowns. We strive to provide women with unique, handmade items in a way that makes our artsy process transparent. 

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