CEriti is a Canadian handmade label devoted to producing inspired pieces. We Design garments that are special, flattering and one of a kind. Your Gown should allow you to express yourself, so we Design from an Inspired place where Artistry has a vital influence on what we produce.


Brides seeking to find individuality and personality in a Gown is our specialty. The Wild Child, The Hopeless Romantic and The Quirky will all find a Dress to love with the Label. We understand these Brides, We love these Brides.


All of our Dresses are hand-cut and handmade with the utmost love, attention & knowledge.

We create from a Standard  Bridal size chart  0-22 and happily/often go outside of "the standard" to accommodate all shapes and sizes...because who out there is standard in any way shape or form?

Starting at 1900$ CAD