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Custom Wedding Gowns 

Finding it challenging to locate a gown as original as you are? We specialize in  non-traditional Bridal gowns. Every year we build only a handful of fully Custom Bridal Gowns. This is a process here together we pull the coloured wedding gown you've been dreaming of out of the ether & into your arms.

Our intimate custom process can be done in person or virtually, with the majority being virtual. The investment starts at $5000 CAD and takes 6-12 months depending on your fabric selection and its arrival. 


If you would like more information please message us through the site or via our instagram @ceritidesign and we can send you additional details on this process.


Anything is possible @_ambereileen_ + @ria_d3miri show  us this every day in every way. Her wedding dress was no exception.  

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