Bodice Variation: This bodice is available in any sleeve length you want.


Color Variation: This is available in White, Mauve and black


Length: Skirt length is approx 47"


  • Modern Chic:  If you want something that is unlike anything you've seen then look no further. Roula features an updated version of our most loved skirt, we removed out front mid seams in the update for a cleaner look. Roula is a high waisted skirt with a 1" waist band, made of 2 layers of crepe and 1 layer of satin to smooth over the curves in the most flattering of ways. The fit on this crepe skirt is pure heaven and when you pair it with our newest bodice addition you get the Roula.

    This bodice is not nearly as warm as it looks, the knit is lightly, nearly see through and the faux feather gives it a nudge away from a basic sweater and into something a little more catching.   This version of the bodice can be worn with a bra if desired as the V in the back is meant to land right above the bra line.