WS: $1040 Retail: $2495


Length: Pant length is approx 46"

Sephone V.3

  • Modern & STUNNING:  This is what I mean by looking phenomenal on the sizes in the upper end of sizing as well. Jenna was obsessed with this look and in her photos it was so obvious the confidence she had in it and the love she had for it. 

    We are obsessed with this amazing lace from Portugal so much we needed to add just one last version. V3 is a one piece jumpsuit. This modern diamond embroidered + sequinned lace will make your heart happy, the bodice is an updated version of our moon cut bodice and features our classic touch of a structured illusion back. Lots of Structure & all kinds of sparkle. The trouser portion has pleats that not only give a classic vintage nod but allows  for movement and comfort of the wearer. Yes, it has pockets. V3's pants are made of a thicker crepe that is satin backed so there are two beautiful layers of this to give a thicker fabric to the pant which makes them very ideal for sizes on the higher end as well.