All art is defined by the one viewing it, this is merely the view from my vantage point.


Strength, Awareness & Freedom 


This painting started off solid Grey and heavily textured, thus making the entire painting the grey area. its where I live, it's where I'm free. The Lyrics from The Boss are carved into it "You might think the worlds black and white and there's Dirty or there's clean. Son, Be careful you don't slip on them spaces in between." 


SPACES is a painting where the more you look the more you see,  there are so many colors & carvings, so many meanings. It is about Awareness & Openness. The more open you are to all concepts and all people the more beauty you will see. 


This Painting inspired the Freedom Gowns Sapphire & Quartz.


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  • Print of SPACES

    13.25 X 8 inch image with 1" white border 

    Primarily Dark Blue/White/Grey/Gold

    We did our very best to color match photos with your prints physical appearance, but please note there may be a slight variation in shades due to screen viewing.