All art is defined by the one viewing it, this is merely the view from my vantage point.


Femininity, Strength & Unity


The Grid speaks of individual experiences, life's way of making us all go through things as individual.  The scars that we all endure imprint on us differently. When we integrate them as an individual they become this brilliant part of who are, a gorgeous facet to our personality. Yet, In a Big picture it all looks so similar & unified and we see the divides between us are nothing more then golden walls joining us all together. There is great beauty in the ability to be soft and to be so not despite our experience but because of them. 


This Painting inspired the Feminine Warrior Gowns Armony & Since.


The Grid

  • Print of The Grid

    10X10 inch image with 1" white border 

    Primarily Dark Green/Gold/White

    We did our very best to color match photos with your prints physical appearance, but please note there may be a slight variation in shades due to screen viewing.